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Research Group Leader at the EMBL-EBI, Cambridge, UK

I am a life scientist fond of image data who fell in love with computers and mathematics. I hold a MSc in Bioengineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on applied maths for image processing.

My work focuses on the development of continuous models for the segmentation, tracking and quantitative analysis of bioimages. My research interests include approximation and spline theory, image processing, computer vision, machine learning and life sciences.

I am leading a Bioimage Analysis research group at the EMBL-EBI in Cambridge, UK. We are interdisciplinary, doing theoretical research on continuous representations for image analysis, engaging in collaborative projects with biologists, and developing image analysis software tools. I am looking for enthusiastic researchers with an electrical engineering, applied maths or computer science backgound to join the team, at the PhD or Post-doc level. If you like blending maths and computer science and enjoys beautiful bioimages, drop me an e-mail!

I currently serve as an associate member in the Bio Imaging and Signal Processing Technical Committee of the IEEE Signal Processing Society.

Apart from scientific stuff, my mind is full of drawings of strange animals, novels and various types of music. I also tend to regularly climb on cliffs or random big rocks.

For more details, please refer to my curriculum vitae. Please note that this is my personal website and is not related to the institution I currently work in.

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